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Following the session on cooperative learning (Chapter 12, page 142, in Evidence based teaching by Geoff Petty) led by John, a number of suggested strategies for using this in the classroom were raised.

Below is a starting point of suggestions we made -

How could we share some of the resources we have used / lessons plans we have created effectively?

Suggested topics that might lend themselves to cooperative learning


Ethical issues in science: e.g. genetic modification, stem cell research
Developing investigation skills - e.g. planning an investigation


  • microbes and disease e.g. types of microbes / different causes of disease
  • mmr
  • drugs and alcohol
  • food types


  • environmental issues, e.g. comparing the Greenhouse effect, ozone depletion etc
  • Reaction mechanisms (KS5)
  • Different types of bonding
  • Chemical calculations
  • The Periodic table e.g. topic areas for jigsaw - History of the PT, Group 1, Group 7
  • Atmosphere
  • Plate tectonics


  • Types of fuels
  • Types of energy
  • Electromagnetic spectrum
  • Space

Hope this is helpful. What have I missed?

I am teaching a year 13 chemistry group this week, and will post my lesson and resources here in due course.

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